Retail ready

Packed products must, at some point, be unpacked again.
To help you simplify this process as well, BPA has created
two innovative retail ready cases.

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These retail ready cases are based on an RSC and have a full wrap around design. Both cases allow for easy lay-down loading, lay-down shipping, and convert easily to a shelf-ready tray with vertically standing contents. The cases also have a machine-cut front panel, which nicely wraps around the corners. Its appearance is significantly more pleasing than tear-away cases that leave an unprofessional torn look.

Easy-D Retail Ready Case

Our Easy-D case is a wraparound style retail ready case that allows for easy loading and ensures a good-looking product appearances on the shelf. As this case is side-loaded, product handling is much smoother. It also eliminates the need to tear the front, as it has a pre-cut front flap. The case includes a back-wall for increased product support.