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Looking to automate your plant? For starting plants or
those converting from a manual process, our semi-automatic
solutions may answer to your needs perfectly.

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Designed for manual packaging lines, our semi-automatic solutions still require manual labour to pack your product. However, these low cost solutions help you to make your process much simpler and more efficient. With a minimal investment, you can quickly increase your production, while reducing labour costs by adding one or multiple of our semi-automatic solutions to your packaging line.

Collator 200 Semi Automatic Packing

Semi automatic pack assist

Increase your manual packing speeds with our Flexible Bag Collator. This semi-automatic packing aid accepts bags from a primary wrapping machine such as a bagging machine, wrapper of thermoform machine. Its places them in a vertical stack on an accumulation conveyor.

This presentation enables an increase in your manual packing speed. The Collator can easily process a wide variety of product dimensions, without having to change parts. It is therefore an ideal solution for a semi-automated flexible case packing setup.

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