Turnkey Packaging System

BPA is the global innovation leader in turnkey packaging solutions.
We combine our innovative strength and experience with different
industries, to deliver a perfect packaging system to you. 

Once commissioned, your organization will reap the benefits of a comprehensible packaging automation solution. One that maximizes productivity, efficiency and up-time throughout your entire packing operation. Based on an extensive intake process, we help you to solve your packaging challenges by taking responsibility of your partial or entire process. We integrate various proven technologies, or develop new ones if need arises.

By combining modular options into a tailored system, you receive a turnkey packaging system with quality, efficiency and a long lifecycle. All in all, you will receive a complete packaging automation solution that takes control of your packaging line from the end of processing all the way to palletizing!

Areas of expertise:

  • Product Inspection
  • Product Settling
  • Product Handling
  • Case Packing
  • Case Making
  • Case Closing and Compacting
  • Case Conveying Sorting and Distribution
  • Case Inspection
  • Palletizing
  • Controls Integration Services
  • Installation Crew
  • Start-up Service Team
  • In-House Training

For every project and every customer, our Sales and Engineering teams closely collaborate with you. From start to finish, we develop, configure, manufacture and deliver a turnkey solution shaped around your needs. All BPA solutions ensure maximum line productivity and risk elimination.

Once your system is completed, you are invited to one of our facilities for a thorough F.A.T. (Factory Acceptance Test) and a training session, which helps you utilize the maximum potential from your new machine.

Upon delivery, your turnkey packaging system does of course come with a soft copy of its Operations & Maintenance Manual. Each manual incorporates an overview of the machine, describing all components and operational aspects. This includes topics such as safety, troubleshooting, factory settings, adjustments, routine maintenance and machine installation.

At BPA, we understand that packaging machines control an important aspect of your product delivery. This is why we give the utmost care to your needs and our products. We always continue to earn your trust.