Vision guided robotics
for case and tray packing

Vision Guided Robotic solutions are rapidly transforming
production processes around the globe. BPA is a leading
designer and manufacturer of these systems.

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Compared to regular robots, Vision Guided Robotics increase versatility and simplify implementation. They also reduce the costs and complexity of fixed tooling often associated with the design and setup of robotic cells. 

Vision Guided Robot solutions have integrated cameras, used to provide a secondary feedback signal to the robot controller. This signal informs the robot where products are located on infeed conveyors. This contributes to greater efficiency and reduces error rates, especially in environments where products are introduced randomly. Furthermore, the cameras are also used for quality control, as they can verify dimensions, angles, color and surface structure. Engage with our experts to determine which system is perfect for your production environment.

Spider V series

vision guided robotic case and tray loading

All our SPIDER series can be executed with our in-house developed vision systems. By adding our vision technology on the product infeed of the SPIDER series, you add maximum flexibility, reduction of different format parts and optimizing the up-time of your case packing process. With custom end of arm tooling (EOAT), including those 3-D printed in-house, a variety of packaged and naked products are achievable.  Secondary cartons, cases or containers that can be handled on our SPIDER V-series are endless, whether you need to pack horizontally or vertically.

The SPIDER technology and modular design of the robot cells is developed in-house by BPA. It includes custom infeed systems and bag and case conveyors. This allows for a tailor-made machine configuration, based on existing modules. The result is a machine that fits your process like a glove, and adds maximum versatility and efficiency to your packing process.