Wrap around case packing

Less material for greater stability. This is the formula
used in a wrap-around procedure. Using wrap around
technology can significantly reduce the costs of packaging material.

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Wrap around cases or trays are designed to pack products into die cut packaging, which forms directly around the product. Traditional RSCs generally have a lot more free space to facilitate the loading of products. The wrap around case offers a tight product, using less material per case as well as giving better strength for palletizing and distribution. The case magazine can hold twice as many wrap around cases versus standard RSC style. On top of that, more flexibility and variation of SRPs (Shelf Ready Packaging) are possible with wrap around cases compared to RSCs.

Wraparound 200

wrap around case packing for vertical packing patterns

The Wraparound 200 is similar to the Wraparound 100, but is used for wrap around cases with a vertical packing pattern , rather than a horizontal packing pattern.