End-Of-Line Packaging Solutions

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The possibilities are endless

At BPA, we have a diversified team of experts ready to partner and provide you with an end-of-line packaging solution; also known as a turnkey packaging solution.  Our end-of-line packaging solutions take control of your packaging line from the end of processing through palletizing; providing a fully integrated and flexible solution.

For every customer, our Sales and Engineering teams closely collaborate with you. From start to finish, we develop, configure, manufacture and deliver an end of line packaging solution shaped around your needs. All BPA solutions ensure maximum line productivity and risk elimination.

By combining our equipment with OEM options, you receive an end-of-line packaging solution with quality, efficiency and a long lifecycle. An end-of-line packaging solution for both primary and secondary packaging may include:

  • Product Handling, Conditioning and Inspection
  • Case Erecting, Handling, Inspection and Closing
  • Case Labeling, Sorting and Distribution
  • Case, Carton, Tray and Bag Packing
  • Palletizing and Shrink Wrapping
  • Documentation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Training and Start-Up
  • Service and Support

As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove. Contact us today!