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Designed for manual packaging lines, our semi-automatic solutions still require manual labor to pack your product. However, these low-cost solutions help you to make your process much simpler and more efficient. With a minimal investment, you can quickly increase your production, while reducing labor costs by adding one or multiple of our semi-automatic solutions to your packaging line.

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Secondary packaging is the grouping of several individual items into a secondary container.  Depending on your product this may also mean a single product into the container. Secondary packaging solutions are provided after your product has been packaged and is ready to be placed in the shipping container. With so many secondary automated packaging equipment options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? 

Your solution will be based strictly on your needs. At BPA, factors such as product and package type, speed, number of recipes and pack patterns and more will be taken into consideration when determining a secondary packaging solution best for you. BPA has a diverse team of experts on hand to assist you through this process.


For these industries:

Collator 200 Semi Automatic Packing

Повышайте скорость ручных упаковочных процессов с нашим решением для подборки мягких пакетов — Flexible Bag Collator. Полуавтоматическая вспомогательная система принимает пакеты из основной упаковочной машины — для наполнения пакетов, обертывания, термоформования — и штабелирует их на конвейере–накопителе.

Такой подход помогает повысить производительность при упаковке продукции вручную. Подборочная машина работает с продукцией самых разных размеров, не требуя замены компонентов. Это оптимальный вариант для полуавтоматической упаковки мягких пакетов в короба.

Хотите узнать больше о полуавтоматических упаковочных решениях? — Свяжитесь с нашими специалистами уже сегодня!