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These retail ready cases are based on an RSC and have a full wrap around design. Both cases allow for easy lay-down loading, lay-down shipping, and convert easily to a shelf-ready tray with vertically standing contents. The cases also have a machine-cut front panel, which nicely wraps around the corners. Its appearance is significantly more pleasing than tear-away cases that leave an unprofessional torn look.

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Retail-ready packaging is designed to make it easier for retailers to sell your product. This type of packaging is also secondary packaging and makes it easier to stock retail shelves or store floors because handling requirements are reduced. Display trays and cases can quickly and easily be placed on a shelf, ready for the consumer to shop. The packaging must also protect the product during transport. Retail-ready packaging is a great way to keep costs down by reducing packaging, whilst helping to drive up sales.


For these industries:

Easy-D Retail Ready Case

La Easy-D de BPA es una caja estilo WA que permite la carga fácil y asegura que el producto tenga buena apariencia en la estantería. Como esta caja se carga lateralmente, el manejo del producto es mucho más fácil. También elimina la necesidad de rasgar el frente, ya que tiene una pestaña precortada. La caja incluye una pared posterior para mayor apoyo del producto.