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The ITW Dynatech glue system provides for accurate glue placement every time you use it. BPA thinks innovative, from case packing systems to the cases itself. Want to learn more about our retail ready cases? Contact our experts today!

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Retail-ready packaging is designed to make it easier for retailers to sell your product. This type of packaging is also secondary packaging and makes it easier to stock retail shelves or store floors because handling requirements are reduced. Display trays and cases can quickly and easily be placed on a shelf, ready for the consumer to shop. The packaging must also protect the product during transport. Retail-ready packaging is a great way to keep costs down by reducing packaging, whilst helping to drive up sales.


For these industries:

RSD Retail Ready Case Closer

La cerradora de cajas RSD es una herramienta versátil. Se usa para el sellado en caliente, y está diseñado para cerrar tanto las cajas RSD listas para estantería como una amplia diversidad de cajas RSC estándar. El sistema ITW Dynatech permite la ubicación precisa del pegante cada vez que la use.

BPA piensa en innovación, desde los sistemas de empaque de cajas hasta las mismas cajas. ¿Desea conocer más sobre las cajas listas para las ventas minoristas? ¡Contacte hoy mismo a nuestros expertos!