Primary Packaging Solutions


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At BPA, the primary stage of packaging involves naked (un-packaged) product handling. The shape and size of your products may vary greatly depending on what the product is. For this reason, the primary packaging stage can be challenging for many solution providers.



Primary Packaging Equipment Solutions

At BluePrint Automation, we have a team of experts specialized in providing primary packaging solutions that increase your lines flexibility and throughput.  By utilizing multi-axis robots, vision and end of arm tooling tailored to your product, we can inspect and load single or stacks of your product into various cartons, trays and cases and horizontal form fill and seal (hffs) machines; including continuously moving flow wrapper chain in-feds or indexing thermoform machines.

As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove. Contact us today!

Type Of Primary Packaging Equipment

  • Carton Loading, Case Packing and Tray Loading
  • Wrapper Loading
  • Stacking and Loading
  • Variety Pack
  • Bag in Bag Multipacks
  • Kit Assembly
  • Dinner Tray Loading