Our mission

We at BPA want to make a difference,
a positive impact on our customers
and the world we live in.

To substantiate this intention, we developed our customer triangle to reflect our core values. As everything we do revolves around our customer, the C is located in the center of the triangle. This represents our commitment to our customers. The three legs of the triangle contain our mutually reinforcing core values: Flexibility, Innovation, and Partnership. The unity of these aspects helps us to make the BluePrint Difference.

Our world is always rapidly evolving, and our customers expect nothing but the latest and the best. Rigid and prefixed solutions do not help to truly make a difference. At BPA, we embrace flexibility, in our solutions and our attitudes. This enables us to create a true and lasting value for our customers.

At BPA, we are absolutely passionate about innovation. It adds the fun and inspiration to our work that people need to excel. Our customers stimulate our innovation by developing new needs, and we ourselves are on a never-ending quest to find a better, simpler way. BPA has no innovation budget, innovation is what we are.

Once a customer entrusts us with their needs, we never want to let them go. We value long term relations, as they reap the most benefits for everyone involved. Partners look out for each other and enable mutual success. At BPA, the customer always comes first, to extend our partnership even beyond our joint horizon.