Automated Packing Solutions For The Pet Food Industry

Quality, hygiene and consistent packaging are some of the top priorities for manufacturers of food and care products. BPA designs, constructs, delivers and maintains packaging solutions for your industry that meet all these requirements and more


Tailored Solutions


By combining your specific needs with our innovational strength and modular systems, we jointly create a tailored solution that guarantees optimal output. Full compliance with the highest standards in quality, health and safety are of course always part of the solution. We aim to please your ultimate customer: the consumer.

Whether you work with naked products or flexible bags, we are always able to create a production line that answers your every need. From an entry level line to the most innovative high-end technologies available anywhere. Please challenge us with your questions!



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The pet food industry is a highly competitive market. Your company strives for the maximum result in output and efficiency. High-quality secondary packaging lines, in which reliability, safety, speed and ease of operation go hand in hand, could well be the foundation for your success.

At the same time, people love their pets and modern consumers demand a higher variety on our store shelves.  This affects the way your products are packed; from bags of pet food to pouches of treats.

High performance and customization, the combination is feasible: resulting in faster changeovers, shorter runs and higher levels of automation for your operation.  The challenge is to transform this combination into an innovative and compact packaging solution that best suits your company; a solution that minimizes the number of operators and maintenance. That’s where the power of BluePrint Automation lies.

By listening to your needs and translating our knowledge and experience into creative ideas and technology, we'll take your operation to the next level together. By adding flexibility in design and fostering a long-lasting partnership, we’ll help you face the challenges of the future.  We call this ‘Thinking into the box’. There is more to packaging than meets the eye.