Blueprint Automation Aftermarket And Service Orders And Inquiries


To create a visible, efficient and effective execution of all Orders and Inquiries.


BluePrint Automation is dedicated to the pursuit of Continued Improvement and Customer Focus. We will be restructuring our Email, Fax and Voice Communication channels, to better serve you.


BluePrint Automation is streamlining our order communication channels. Both your faxes and emails will be channeled into our order system and will be seen by not only our spare parts group, but Aftermarket and Service leadership as well.

Whether your preference is to Email, Fax, or call-in your PO’s every order will be funneled into our order system and be handled the same. A new email address,, has been created for orders. Direct emails sent to Sandy Atkinson and Keith Clarke will be routed into the order system automatically to ensure every order is handled with the same high priority.


If you need a Quote, have a Question, or are in need of General Support; sending your question to, will make sure all inquiries are seen, handled and are 100% visible.


BluePrint Automation is also streamlining our voice communication channels. We are doing this by creating a direct Service number (804)-431-8000. This number will find active Aftermarket and Service personnel who are available. If they are not available, the call will be escalated to Key Leadership within the business. It will also push any voicemail's, or missed calls to This will insure there is 100% accountability on all voice communications with our Aftermarket and Service personnel.

Starting January 1, 2017, we ask all customers to please refrain from sending direct emails to Sandy Atkinson and Keith Clarke. Instead, send all Order and Request for Quotes to and send all Questions, Inquires, and Request for Field Service to

Thank you for your cooperation.

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