The automatic packing of non-rigid packaging

This sounds logical, but maybe it is not. Pioneer Bob Prakken saw in the late seventies how people put the bags by hand into cases in the potato processing industry. "That needs to be automated!", he thought.

In his garage he designed a simple machine that put bags into cases and so BluePrint Automation was born, almost 40 years ago. In 2000, Martin Prakken, who has been in charge of the US since 1993, also took over the European division; seeing growth and innovation. Since the passing of its founder, Bob Prakken, in 2012, the company has reached a long and steady growth; averaging more than 10 % per year, requiring the setup of a new business in The Netherlands, the United States, Brazil and China. With a combined turnover of over 115 million Euro, up to 400 persons are working for the BPA-Group and it's still growing.

Earlier this year, the first pile was driven for a new plant on the former company “Den Oudsten”-grounds at the road Carrosserieweg. At this location a 3 thousand square meters facility is being built, with the option to double it in the future. Owner Martin Prakken says, ”Our success is directly dependent on well educated, talented and motivated colleagues. Fortunately we have a lot of them and this means we are able to optimally fulfill the desires of the customers”. Core activity of BPA is creating original and new solutions for packing of, among others, frozen foods, chips and snacks, fresh products and confectionery, - flexible packaing - and getting them into the secondary container. With several years of experience, BPA is highly competent on how to handle a flexible bag. BPA ensures an optimal combination of product presentation and transport volume, wherein the product-quality is maintained constant.

Innovative solutions ensure optimization of the available production time, the product presentation and logistics cost reduction.

To emphasize the social commitment of the company in Woerden, BPA signed in August an agreement with Stichting Wielerronde Woerden (cycling tour foundation in Woerden), for sponsorship of the GP Blueprint for “women-elite” during the Kiremko Night of Woerden.

Martin Prakken says, “The Kiremko Night of Woerden is a spectacular event every year, that puts Woerden firmly on the map. Many of our employees come from Woerden and surroundings, so it is logical that BPA is doing something back to the community, on which we depend so much”. Additionally, Kiremko Food processing Equipment is a very nice and important partner of BPA in many major projects in the potato processing industry.

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