Vertical horizontal packer/F IV with integrated Case Erector

Speed: Up to 60 bags per minute on 6lb food service bags (vertical pack pattern). Up to 90 bags per minute on retail bags (horizontal pack pattern).

Integrated Case Erector: Up to 10 cases per minute.

Safety: Fully guarded and interlocked. Power to customer’s specifications.

Examples: Frozen potato and other heavier frozen and fragile products, bird seed, grass seed, etc.

The New BPA VHPF IV with ICE is a gravity case packer packing flexible bags standing up (vertical) and lying down (horizontal) on the same machine. This case packing solution is equipped with our robotic integrated case erector with a proven reliability to exceed that of a typical remote case erector; maximizing your overall line efficiency.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Small and Compact Footprint: Often eliminating the need for costly mezzanines.
  • Increased efficiency at less overall cost: No need for additional conveyors or case handling equipment.
  • Unique Erecting Method: Loads long or short case side leading.
  • Tightest case cube utilization in industry and reduced product breakage!
  • Easy Changeover: Three minutes or less with easy side access to cassette for clearing product and changeover.
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