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Secondary Packaging Automation: Is it Time?

Explore signs indicating when to add automation to your secondary packaging line. 


Exploring Advancements in Case Packing for Your Plant

Learn more about the latest advancements in case packing and how to assess your need for these innovations in your secondary packaging operations.


How Manufacturers Can Work with Customers to Make Case Packers Safer

Learn how we support our customers’ safety using automated case packers through the design and controls implemented.


How Has AI Impacted Secondary Packaging Already?

Learn how AI has become integrated into vision systems and predictive maintenance and how to measure your need for an AI solution in packaging. 


5 Tips for Maintaining Your Case Packing System

Learn ways to increase your machine’s lifespan, eliminate downtime, and improve your equipment preventative maintenance program today. 




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We design, develop and manufacture case packers and tray packing solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages such as doypacks, pillow bags and four-sided sealed bags. Built for around the clock operation, these solutions have a worldwide reputation for their quick change-over, flexibility, speed and comprehensible design. Integrated state of the art technologies include gravity, pick and place, wrap around and vision-guided robotics.


Driven by innovation

BluePrint Automation is all about innovation. And we have been from the very beginning. Based on the requirements of our customers, we develop innovative technologies and machines designed to exceed your expectations. Whether your organization is case packing products vertically or horizontally, we have the ideal solution available for you.

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Thousands of companies in over 57 countries have chosen BPA. No matter where you are located, we support you with installing our automated packaging lines tailored to meet your needs. And we are always nearby, with three full-service manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe, and six Sales & Support subsidiaries located across the globe.

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