Naked (Raw) Product Handling

Many food processors around the globe have entrusted BPA with their packaging needs for our high overall performance. BPA designs and manufactures innovative, flexible and versatile packing solutions for naked product. Whether you work with freshly produced, sterilized, or deep frozen products out of the freezer of from storage, our systems will fit your process like a glove.

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At BPA, the primary stage of packaging involves naked (un-packaged) product handling. The shape and size of your products may vary greatly depending on what the product is. For this reason, the primary packaging stage can be challenging for many solution providers.


For these industries:

Variety pack

Vision Guided Variety Pack Solutions

Do you create, or want to create, variety packs that mixes product flavors and styles within a common tray or carton?

Our variety pack solution enables you to do just that. This system is expandable for any product count, and offers the flexibility to load unbalanced product counts for naked or packaged product.

Once the system detects your product and our vision system has  inspected and verified its quality, it enters the working envelope via a separate product infeed for every flavor or style.

The robot then uses that camera input to re-orientate the product, while placing each variety in the specific container. Handling different products and configurations with minimal changeover time, has never been so easy.

Our variety pack solution is ideal to use for naked and packaged products, which include chocolates, other confectioneries, and flow wrapped products like granola and energy bars, cookies and snack foods.


Products Handled

Flow wrapped products: Granola bars, cookies, snack foods, etc.

Chocolates and other confectionaries

Baked goods


Machine characteristics and specifications:

Build a variety pack from product previously packaged

• Expandable for any product count

• Flexibility to load unbalanced product counts

• Dynamic loading of product into cartons

• High efficiency and throughput

• Accepts product from bulk

• Integrated vision

Cycle Rates

Pick & Place rates of 140+ per minute with a single robot.

Higher product rates with multiple pick grippers and/or multiple robots.

(Cycle rates are dependent upon the specifics of the application, including the ability of the product to withstand acceleration and deceleration forces, as well as size and shape of the product)

As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove.

Handles different products and configurations with minimal changeover!

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