Naked (raw) product handling

For processors of naked product, the right packaging partner must
tick a lot of boxes. Direct food contact, hygiene and sanitary designs
are just a few of many stringent requirements in need of full compliance.

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Many food processors around the globe have entrusted BPA with their packaging needs for our high overall performance. BPA designs and manufactures innovative, flexible and versatile packing solutions for naked product. Whether you work with freshly produced, sterilized, or deep frozen products out of the freezer of from storage, our systems will fit your process like a glove.

Our solutions can take your product from bulk and place it into a thermoformed tray, carton or flow-wrapper chain. Your product can be unscrambled, singulated, picked and placed with high efficiency and throughout that guarantees maximum productivity. Our modular frames provide for solutions that meet your current needs, while enabling future adaptation and growth as well. For direct food contact applications, wash-down solutions are of course also available. They include an easy to clean vacuum system (CIP) as well.

Stacking and loading

Does your process include the stacking and loading products such as fresh and frozen baked goods (pancakes, waffles, etc.), formed patties and fragile products such as tortillas? Our stacking and loading solution unburdens your process with a patented end-effector that allows for single picks of individual products. This solution is proven to have significantly less breakage, jams and downtime than mechanical stackers, which increases your efficiency, output and continuity. Once a stack is formed, the BPA robot loads the entire stack into various horizontal form, fill and seal machines, including continuously moving flow wrapper chain infeeds or indexing thermoform machines. Accepting your product from the bulk is done with our proprietary feeding technology. This stacking and loading solution increases traditional robot productivity by up to 50%, ensuring a quick ROI on your investment.