Automated Packing Solutions For The Bakery Industry

Quality, hygiene and consistent packaging are some of the top priorities for manufacturers of food and care products. BPA designs, constructs, delivers and maintains packaging solutions for your industry that meet all these requirements and more.

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Tailored Solutions

By combining your specific needs with our innovational strength and modular systems, we jointly create a tailored solution that guarantees optimal output. Full compliance with the highest standards in quality, health and safety are of course always part of the solution. We aim to please your ultimate customer: the consumer. Whether you work with naked products or flexible bags, we are always able to create a production line that answers your every need. From an entry level line to the most innovative high-end technologies available anywhere.

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Spider Q series

fully integrated vision guided case packing system

Your industry is demanding, and turnkey delivery is a must. The SPIDER Q-series fully meets these needs. It is a collective name for our highly versatile, ultra-compact and flexible case packing systems, available in various executions.

The SPIDER Q-series enables you to process a large variety of cases and bags with a high production speed and a highly limited footprint. It consists of a mono block frame design, that integrates a full option packing process. A process starts with bag quality checks and ends with a checked, filled and closed case as output.

The SPIDER Q-series features a single HMI in which all controls are integrated. This significantly reduces human effort and increases overview of the system. Changeovers to other recipes are exceptionally smooth as well, as 90% of the changeover settings are fully automated, reducing typical changeover time into a less than ten minute effort.

BPA is a global leader in Vision Guided Robotics. The added value of these systems to your organization and process is versatile. We will gladly engage with you about its numerous options, regardless of whether you are technically, practically or strategically oriented. Share your challenges with our experts today!