Gravity Case Packing Solutions

Our gravity solutions are designed around the needs of
our customers. These solutions use the force of gravity
to topload your product into a case or secondary container.

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As gravity solutions do not use robotics, they typically have less mechanical, electrical and/or pneumatic components. This make for a simple and elegant solution with low maintenance requirements. Virtually any horizontal pack pattern can be created to accommodate your specific needs. Our gravity collection is ideal for a wide range of flexible packages, including fresh or frozen vegetables or fruit, IQF chicken, beef and seafood, and dairy products.

Gravity 100R Case Packer

high-speed top loading of flexible bags into cases with an automatic case packing system

The GRAVITY 100R is a popular and quite impressive automatic case packing system. It is often used in the frozen food industry. This next generation flat packer is the result of decades of experience and innovation at BPA. In its design, our team emphasized on simplicity, hygiene, speed and durability.

This rugged, simple workhorse contains everything to boost top loading output. Its rotors were chosen to deposit flexible bags into cases, and enable the machine to pack a wide variety of pack patterns at high speeds. Production speeds are boosted as case and bag size adjustments are all automated, also eliminating operator errors. Its open design provides exceptional visibility of the entire packaging process. This allows for fast and easy training of operators.