SnackMaster Series Case Packing Solutions

Are you looking for an ultra-compact, high speed case-packaging solution to pack your snack bags vertically in cases or trays? BPA’s SnackMaster Series have a very small footprint which suits any customer layout. With an innovative, ergonomic design that prioritizes servo motors and offers fully auto-adjust and easy access for operation and maintenance, the SnackMaster Series maximizes the efficiency of your case packing process.

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Secondary packaging is the grouping of several individual items into a secondary container.  Depending on your product this may also mean a single product into the container. Secondary packaging solutions are provided after your product has been packaged and is ready to be placed in the shipping container. With so many secondary automated packaging equipment options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? 

Your solution will be based strictly on your needs. At BPA, factors such as product and package type, speed, number of recipes and pack patterns and more will be taken into consideration when determining a secondary packaging solution best for you. BPA has a diverse team of experts on hand to assist you through this process.


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SnackMaster 200 Case Packer

Compact high speed case packing solution for vertical loading of cases or trays with snack bags

snackpacker-compleet-03-4.jpgThe new SnackMaster 200 series is the ultimate compact packaging machine for your high speed vertical snack packaging requirements. Its default configuration, the SnackMaster 200, fully automates snack bag handling and the vertical loading process (on edge and flat, or combined) of RSC cases and/or trays. Optional the machine can be equipped with a fully integrated RSC case erector and tape closer (SnackMaster 200i).

The smart construction of this system significantly simplifies changeovers, as no format parts are required and the system is fully auto adjust, making it even more easy to adapt to your future packing needs. With its narrow footprint (width 1480 mm) this automated solution suits any customer layout.

On top of all these highly innovative features, the SnackMaster 200 includes an ergonomic and open design. This provides an easy access to the machine and creates maximum process overview. The robust construction is made from high quality servo components and a reduction of pneumatic functions for an optimized TCO (total cost of ownership) and maximize the continuity of your packing process.

Leaflet SnackMaster series

As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove.

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