Robotic Case Packing Solutions

Are you open to integrating another competitive edge in your company? The BPA robots have multiple axes, are equipped with our high-speed collation systems and can perform on-the-fly picking and placing; both vertically and horizontally. As with all other BPA products, we ensure full product control before it enters the case packer. This guarantees a highly accurate Pick & Placement of your product.

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Secondary packaging is the grouping of several individual items into a secondary container.  Depending on your product this may also mean a single product into the container. Secondary packaging solutions are provided after your product has been packaged and is ready to be placed in the shipping container. With so many secondary automated packaging equipment options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? 

Your solution will be based strictly on your needs. At BPA, factors such as product and package type, speed, number of recipes and pack patterns and more will be taken into consideration when determining a secondary packaging solution best for you. BPA has a diverse team of experts on hand to assist you through this process.


For these industries:

Spider 200i Case Packer

Vertical Case Packing and Tray Loading and Closing with Integrated Case Erector and Options Empty and Full Case Blank Distribution

The SPIDER 200i includes all the high quality elements of the SPIDER 200, an integrated RSC case erector, and top and bottom taper.

Running RSC and reusable cases on the same line?  The SPIDER 200i was further developed allowing end users to vertically case pack, close and seal packages into standard RSC (tape) or re-usable cases on the same system.  With a four-point changeover in under five minutes, The Spider 200i provides end users more versatility by allowing various product sizes and case types to be run on the same packaging line including RSC, reusables and display cases too!  Benefits include:

  • Service Different Supply Channels from same line: Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Centralized Distribution (CD)
  • Minimize footprint and optimize plant layout with an all in one, compact, system to include case packer, erector and closer
  • Open design allows adequate space for operator and maintenance access to internal parts of the machine.
  • Fault detection that initiates the machines relax mode opening up the case sealer section automatically, making obstructions easily accessible, minimizing down time.
  • Integrated with a BPA automated blank distribution and loading system to get corrugate off the floor and reduce potential safety hazards (optional)