Gravity Case Packing Solutions

Our gravity solutions are designed around the needs of
our customers. These solutions use the force of gravity
to topload your product into a case or secondary container.

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As gravity solutions do not use robotics, they typically have less mechanical, electrical and/or pneumatic components. This make for a simple and elegant solution with low maintenance requirements. Virtually any horizontal pack pattern can be created to accommodate your specific needs. Our gravity collection is ideal for a wide range of flexible packages, including fresh or frozen vegetables or fruit, IQF chicken, beef and seafood, and dairy products.

Shaker-Compactor-Sealer (SCS)

Complete automation of your post-packing process with a shaking, compacting and sealing machine

Once your BPA case packer has completed the process of packing your non-rigid product into its secondary casing, the only tasks remaining before shipment are product settling and case sealing. The new SCS by BluePrint Automation revolutionizes this post-packing process by fully automating it with a machine that compacts your product and seals your cases to achieve full transport-readiness. 

For non-rigid products that have not properly settled in their packaging prior to being shipped, their exposure to movements during transport causes product settling en route. As a result, empty pockets form within the cases, making them vulnerable to denting and damaging your product and corrugate. Compacting machines exercise vibratory movements to your casing while it is still within your controlled production environment. This process triggers product settling and consequently eliminates the risk of denting as the cases can now be completely filled.  

Compactors have traditionally relied on a combination of vibratory elements for product compacting and conveyor belts for case transportation. The new SCS is the first machine to ingeniously combine these two functions into a single element. Its patented Oval Roller vibrates to settle the product while simultaneously transporting the cases to the sealing machine to obtain your ready-to-ship result. Equipped with remarkable technology, the SCS achieves unparalleled consistent product compacting, sealing efficiency and cleanability while being smaller than traditional solutions.  

The Oval Roller integrated within the SCS owes its development to scientific research which showed that oval shapes yield the best results while transporting cases and compacting their contents at the same time. The absence of a conveyor belt creates an open design with significantly improved cleanability and a considerable reduction in maintenance needs. All modules are operated from a central backbone integrated within the frame, making these core elements easily accessible.

During compacting, the servo-driven compression plates exercise pressure on your product to help it settle more quickly and efficiently. These floating plates apply optimal pressure to help your product settle while avoiding the risk of product damage. Changeover to different case sizes is fully automated: simply configure the dimensions of your next product container and your SCS will automatically self-adjust. 

To safeguard continuity and eliminate jams, product levels inside the cases are measured by lasers which enables the immediate rejection of any faulty cases. Once a case has reached the configured product level, the top and bottom guide belts of the sealer firmly wrap around the case to keep it square during tape or hot melt sealing and ensure a perfect shape for every single case.