Pick & Place case packing

Looking to get the most out of your Pick & Place case
packing process? The horizontal or vertical packing solutions
designed and manufactured by BPA offer technical ingenuity,
maximum flexibility and a great deal of innovation.

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Pick & Place systems are primarily used for product handling. They put individual products into trays, cartons or other secondary containers, and provide for case packing. The innovative systems created by BPA outperform conventional solutions. We integrate different kinds of robotics, state of the art controlling software and hardware you can rely on. We push the envelope of innovation, to offer you maximum returns. We have various Pick & Place case packing solutions available. Which system would fit best in your specific production environment? 

Gantry 200i Case Packer

high speed vertical case loading with integrated case erector

The GANTRY 200i is identical to our popular and highly durable GANTRY 200 case packer, with one major differentiator. It has an integrated case erector for reusable cases. The reliability of this case erector well exceeds that of typical case erectors. This addition therefore contributes to optimize your overall line efficiency even further.