Pick & Place case packing

Looking to get the most out of your Pick & Place case
packing process? The horizontal or vertical packing solutions
designed and manufactured by BPA offer technical ingenuity,
maximum flexibility and a great deal of innovation.

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Pick & Place systems are primarily used for product handling. They put individual products into trays, cartons or other secondary containers, and provide for case packing. The innovative systems created by BPA outperform conventional solutions. We integrate different kinds of robotics, state of the art controlling software and hardware you can rely on. We push the envelope of innovation, to offer you maximum returns. We have various Pick & Place case packing solutions available. Which system would fit best in your specific production environment? 

Gantry 300 Swing Case Packer

high speed vertical and horizontal case packing

The GANTRY 300 SWING offers a large variety in case packing options, now and for any future expansions you may require. The GANTRY 300 SWING is capable of horizontal and/or vertical packing, and has a changeover time of less than five minutes. This optimizes efficiency of every step in your case packing process.

The case packer consists of a robotic platform with two axes. It has dedicated handling parts to match the specific application for which you use it. The system includes BPA’s patented SmartTrak system for high-speed bag pre-collation and an end effector. These aspects simplify changeovers and makes your GANTRY 300 SWING easy to adapt for future packing needs. Its open and ergonomic design provides you with easy access to the machine, and maximum process overview. The robust construction, combined with high quality components, ensure production security and long-term continuity.

As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove. Contact us today!